depicting the life of legendary

“Father of the Panhandle”


Using sketches, then the finished product, an oil painting of the scene!  SEE CHARLES GOODNIGHT IN COLOR! All the pictures of Charles Goodnight were in Black and White. Lee Cable brings Charles Goodnight to life on the canvas during different phases of Charles Goodnight’s legendary life! Lee Cable is an artist/rancher who lives in Colorado. He has been commissioned by Jim Parkman to continue bringing Charles Goodnight’s legacy to life!

The following paintings are on display now at the Museum:

  • Over The Edge – coming down into Palo Duro Canyon the first time
  • Driven From The Palo Duro – driving out the buffalo
  • Gold Rush – storm along Pecos River, pack mule bolted
  • Horsehead Crossing
  • Finding Cynthia Ann Parker
  • Quanah Parker
  • Dash For Cash
  • A Promise Made, A Promise Kept – bringing Oliver Loving’s body back to Texas

View each one of these sketches and paintings at the SAINTS’ ROOST MUSEUM now, while they are on display!

See the real life things and people that will forever be linked to Colonel Charles Goodnight and he to them!










Come view and experience the traveling exhibit entitled The Life and Times of Texas Icon Charles Goodnight by artist Lee Cable! Lee Cable is a Colorado based artist who has been commissioned to depict in artwork the highlights and some events of Colonel Charles Goodnight. Exhibit is made possible by James E. Sparkman, a businessman of Houston, TX, who owns this collection and is sharing the painting and sketches with visitors to Texas museums.

This exhibition portrays several aspects of Charles Goodnight’s life experiences, such as the recapture of Cynthia Ann Parker, mother of Quanah Parker. Also portrayed is the entrance of Charles Goodnight and his crew to Palo Duro Canyon when he came to TX from Colorado. The original sketchings made prior to the painting are also on display with the paintings.


The exhibit will be shown at SAINTS’ ROOST MUSEUM during the months of 2017.
Museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 to 5.