September 23, 2017,  Saints’ Roost Museum, Clarendon, TX

There were 13 wagons competing.


23rd Annual Colonel Charles Goodnight Chuck Wagon Cook Off

Saints’ Roost Museum

Clarendon, Texas


Meat: 1st C – C, Sue Cunningham,  2nd Palo Duro Cowboy Church, Curtis Hoover,  3rd J-D, Don Johnson, 4th Tin Cup, Kent Anderson


Beans:  1st Tin Cup, 2nd Honey Do Spoiler, Keven Romines, 3rd Cocklebur Camp, Sam Howell , 4th J-D


Potatoes:  1st Trap Drag, Gary & Cheryl McFall, 2nd HX, Farris Hightower, 3rd J –D, 4th T Half Circle, Calvin Daugherty


Bread:  1st HX, 2nd J-D, 3rd Palo Duro Cowboy Church, 4th Cross Wagon, Rick Kinsey


Dessert:  1st J-D, 2nd C-C,  3rd HX, 4th T Half Circle


Wagon and Camp: 1st J-D, 2nd Crosstimber, Jack Ramey,  3rd C4B, Randy Whipple, 4th Honey Do Spoiler


Overall Cooking:  1st J – D, 2nd HX, 3rd C-C, 4th Palo Duro Cowboy Church


Overall Wagon and Cooking:             J – D


Wagon judges were Ken Romine and Tim Smith.


There were 8 participating in the Youth Cook Off cooking potatoes for the Friday Cooks’ Dinner.

Junior Cook Off Winners are:

1st Addison Havens from Clarendon, TX cooking with Crosstimber

2nd Haiden Norman from Hedley, TX cooking with Honey Do Spoiler

3rd Kami Duncan from Clarendon, TX cooking with Cocklebur Camp